Yes. In both the Android and iPhone apps, you can select a region to download so that if you’re boating beyond cell coverage, you can have the charts with you. Attached are some screenshots below that show the process. Note: right now, there is a limit to the amount of chart data you can download for each download (10,000 chart tiles, or 20MB roughly for you techies) but you can download different regions as often as you like. We will be upping the download data limits in the coming months.

– EarthNC

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3 Responses to Top Question: Can I use your marine charts off-line?

  1. James wright says:

    Hello, i have a iphone4 with verizon, and wanted to download your charts for brazil. since there is no cell phome reception for verizon in brazil would i ne able to use this app as a real time gps, that is, only use the gps signall to navigate, get my lat and long and position? Thank you

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