A little known feature in Marine Charts app is the ability to quickly share a route or a waypoint with a friend. We know this works when sending it to friends that have the EarthNC Marine Charts app, but it should work for any app that can ingest GPX files.

To do this, fire up your EarthNC Marine Charts app and go into “Saved” and click on any of your saved routes and waypoints. Once there, click on the action button (the square in the top right) and select “Export Track” and you’ll be brought to the iPhone Mail app. Once there, put in “upload@earthnc.com” in the “To field and then add your friend’s email address (the one they use on their iPhone / iPad).

When your friend receives the email, they simply click on the attachment and that will bring up the waypoint or route. Presto. We’ve attached some of the operative screen shots below:

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