notices.jpgQuickly find pending NOAA nautical chart changes with the EarthNC NOAA Chart Notices layer. Chart notices include additions, deletions, and changes to NOAA Raster Charts (RNC) since the previous print edition and are organized by Chart Number. The EarthNC Chart Notices layer is updated nightly to reflect the most recent information available from NOAA for the entire Raster Chart catalog.
While NOAA Notices do include changes from Local Notices to Mariners, they are not a substitution for LNMs and should not be treated as an official source for charting and should be used in accordance with the NOAA disclaimer found in the Google Earth file.

Using the Chart Notice Layer

  1. Download the EarthNC Chart Notice Index Map into Google Earth
  2. Find the Chart Desired (by default only harbor and approach chart scales are displayed, enable other scales by checking its visibility box in the Google Earth ‘Places’ menu)
  3. Click on the () icon to see the total number of notices for this chart and to see the ‘View’ links
  4. Click on the ‘Click to View Chart Notices’ link in the chart pop-up window. This will load notices for the selected chart into Google Earth. If saved to ‘My Places’ this overlay will automatically refresh daily. If you need to use the notices without an internet connection, use the ‘download’ link instead – but this link will not refresh.

Legend and Usage Notes
Notices have four principle types:
Change (non-position) – Changes in an object’s label, note, etc… but not to its position

Move – The charted object has moved from a previous location to the one at the location of the chart notice

Addition – A new object that was not previously in the chart

Deletion – The given object has been removed from the chart

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