For reasons so far unknown, with their iOS 5.0 update, Apple has changed how app data is stored and its important to know how to manage this process. The long story short is that Apple will now start deleting the “cache” when the dynamic storage area is full (this is where we, and dozens of other app vendors, store data such as downloaded maps). What Apple recommends / insists on is that App vendors now store data in the “Documents” folder – and this is what we’ve done in our latest update (now available via iTunes).

So far, so good…right? Well, yes and no. The problem with storing data in the Documents folder is that because Documents is backed up automatically if you use their iCloud storage service, it could really slow down the back up process via iTunes.

So here is what we recommend: IF you’ve upgraded to iOS 5.0 and IF you’re using the iCould storage service, “deactivate” EarthNC’s Marine Charts from the list of data sources to be backed up. By doing this, your iTunes back-up will not suffer due to backing up large chart files, but you do run the risk of having to re-download chart areas if for some reason, you lose your documents (in which case, while rare, you have a much larger problem on your hands).

Below are some screen shots showing you the step-by-step process for doing this.

Good luck and please let us know if you have any questions by sending us a note here.

– The EarthNC Team

1. Go to Settings and select “iCloud”


2. Select “Storage and Back-up”

3. Select “Manage Storage”

4. Select your iPhone (in the example, the iPhone name is “EFB’s iPad”

5. Scroll to “Charts” and make sure “”Off” is selected.

…and that’s it. That should ensure that you’re not backing up the large Marine charts files.

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