Lease Block ChartLease Block charts are a common tool for offshore fishing.

Our new EarthNC Chartviewer features the full set of Gulf Lease Block charts for free online viewing. Here are direct links to each of the charts:

Chart 1113A – Lease Block for Havana to Tampa Bay
Chart 1114A – Lease Block for Tampa to Cape San Blas
Chart 1115A – Lease Block for Cape St George to the Mississippi Passes
Chart 1116A – Lease Block for the Mississippi River to Galveston
Chart 1117A – Lease Block Galveston to the Rio Grande

Use our Route Maker tool under ‘Routing’ to generate waypoints you can export to KML, GPX, or a print out.

For offline use with GPS integration, EarthNC offers a full set of lease block charts for Google Earth on our EartNC Raster Southest DVD. Most offline users will also want our EarthNC Plus vector charts and GooPs Pro GPS to Google Earth software. The EarthNC Plus vector charts include charted pipelines and offshore platforms which are also great resources for finding fish.

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