clampedToSeaFloor_3.jpgThe oceans have come alive in brilliant 3D with the new Google Ocean layers in Google Earth 5.  While Google has included some great starter content in their Ocean layers, EarthNC has a huge library of free nautical content to add to the ‘Ocean’ experience including charting, fishing and dive sites, weather, photos, videos, and more.

Here are just a few EarthNC layers you might want to try –

EarthNC Online Charts – View navaids, channels, lights, and more with EarthNC Online.  Use the Weather and Tide links to find current conditions at thousands of locations.  Explore thousands of wrecks and dive site locations with our Fish and Dive Site layers.  To learn more, visit the EarthNC Online homepage or try it now in Google Earth.

seasprayresort.jpgCoastal Photos from – View thousands of coastal locations with our Aerial Photo map.  Photos are in brilliant high-resolution and where taken from low altitude for the best possible views of marinas, inlets, bridges, and more.  Combined with EarthNC chart information and the Google Earth satellite images – it’s as close to ‘being there’ as you can get from your computer.  Each location includes links to more information. Try it now in Google Earth.  Areas include North American coastline, rivers, and the Great Lakes, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Worldwide YouTube Boating Videos – Watch people boat, fish, and sail with our worldwide boating video map.  Just zoom into any area and if people have uploaded boating videos they’ll show as thumbnails.  Click on a thumbnail and you can play the video right in Google Earth.  Try in now in Google Earth.

View a 3D Chart – Try out a 3D chart in Google Earth.  Zoom in below the water and you can see the chart mapped directly onto the ocean bottom.  We hope Google provides an option to turn off the surface wave layer in the future so that you can see charts in 3D from more Zoom levels.  

Beyond the Basics – Ready for more than just simple ocean browsing?  EarthNC provides full chart products and GPS integration with EarthNC Plus – you can even use them offline!  Try our full charts online free for 30 days with an EarthNC Lite Trial.  Plan a trip, collect waypoints, and more with Google Earth and then send them to handheld GPS devices with our Trip and Route Tool.  

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