The Erie Islands and Sandusky are the most active boating area on the Great Lakes and feature the most boats per capita in the USA. This area is rich in history and featured large during the War of 1812 and the naval battles around Put-In-Bay Island. For modern day adventure, Cedar Point Amusement Park offers one of the best collections roller-coasters in the world.

Explore Put-In-Bay, Sandusky Bay, Catawba Island, Kellys Island and the surrounding waters of Lake Erie with our free interactive nautical map. Zoom in and local marine charts showing depths, channels, and other features will load automatically. Click on the ‘View Full Screen’ link for additional options including weather (buoys, airports, marine forecasts) in the ‘Nearby’ menu and a route making tool for drawing and saving your own trip. Use the Map Search bar to find marine businesses, hotels, or other locations.

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The story behind the cool robot gliders...

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