boston.jpgWith the arrival of spring, EarthNC is celebrating its one year anniversary with the release of Version 2.0 of our EarthNC Online and Plus electronic marine charts for Google Earth.

New Features for EarthNC Online and Plus:

  • Redesigned layer organization for faster load times
  • Additional chart notes and information for many layers including Caution Areas, Markers, and more
  • Update dates and source information for many layers
  • Over 500 Waterview’ Bridge Pictures for Inland Waterways
  • New ‘Submit Information’ links with photo upload capability and corresponding EarthNC User Layer

EarthNC Plus Exclusives:

  • New seamless chart loading option
  • New layer view options for land features, non-navigable areas, and deep depths for additional view control
  • Shaded Depth Area Layer (Boston Harbor example shown above)
  • EarthNC Premium Ocean Weather Beta with 5-day wind, wave, temperature, and current forecast maps

Screen Shots:

destinpass.jpg Destin Pass showing user-submitted photo in the new EarthNC User Layer. Submitting photos and information is simple. Click on a chart object close to where you’d like to submit information and fill in the resulting web form and optional photo upload. All submissions are moderated prior to posting to the user layer.

pitt.jpgConrail Railroad Bridge in PIttsburg, Pennsylvania showing both the new 3D bridge rendering from Google Earth 4.3 and Army Corps Inland bridge drawing and photo. Version 2.0 includes over 500 similar photos and drawings covering most inland navigable waterways.

new_info.jpgAdditional Chart Note information and Source Information now available for most layers. Source data for this buoy indicates the charted information was updated via Local Notice to Mariner 50/97 in December of 1997 by the 1st Coast Guard Division

sst.jpgEast Coast Sea Surface Temperature Map featured in the EarthNC Premium Ocean Weather Beta. This beta is available to all EarthNC Plus account holders with an active update subscription. 5-day Sea Temperature and Current forecasts are available for the North Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico / Caribbean Sea updated daily. 180 Hour Wind and Wave forecasts are available for the global oceans. Wind and Wave forecasts are updated 4 times daily. Both map types are time-coded and can be animated in Google Earth.

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