earthnc_raster_transparency.jpgEarthNC Raster provides fully detailed Raster Marine Chart overlays of NOAA RNC Charts in a special Google Earth format for use on PC or Macintosh computers. EarthNC Raster coverage is divided into 5 regions – Southeast, Northeast, Great Lakes, West Coast, and Alaska – each provided on its own DVD.

NOTE: EarthNC Raster is designed to run directly from its DVD, saving space on your hard drive for other files.

Product Features:

  • Complete coverage of NOAA RNC catalog for each region
  • Change the chart transparency to compare to underlying Google Earth Satellite images
  • EarthNC Plus vector charting and real-time marine data maps can be overlaid on top of the Raster Images in Google Earth (EarthNC Plus must by purchased separately)

Purchase EarthNC Raster

EarthNC Raster Nautical Charts for Google Earth
Southeast Region PC/Mac DVD
$34.95 + s/h Add to Cart
Northeast Region PC/Mac DVD $34.95 + s/h Add to Cart
Great Lakes Region PC/Mac DVD $34.95 + s/h Add to Cart
West Coast Region PC/Mac DVD $34.95 + s/h Add to Cart
Alaska Region PC/Mac DVD $34.95 + s/h Add to Cart
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Vector Charting

We recommend you also add vector charting with EarthNC Plus

Check out our Chart / GPS bundles page to save when buying EarthNC Plus, Raster, and GPS units together!


GPS Option for Chart Plotter Functionality
GooPs Pro GPS Software (PC only) $19.95 + s/h Add to Cart
GlobalSat USB GPS for PC/Mac $59.95 + s/h
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Region Coverage Areas:

  • Southeast – Gulf Coast from Corpus Christi, Texas to the Florida Keys, Atlantic Coast from the Keys north to Virginia Beach, VA. Also includes Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • Northeast – Virginia Beach, Virginia to Passamoquoddy, Maine, Hudson River, New York Canals, Lake Champlain
  • Great Lakes

Extended Product Description:

Fully compatible with the EarthNC Plus line of vector nautical charts, EarthNC Raster charts extend EarthNC’s unique Google Earth chart coverage to all NOAA RNC and ENC charted areas.

Recommended Uses

In areas with EarthNC Plus vector coverage, you can layer EarthNC Raster underneath the vector chart elements and compare vector and raster chart elements to Google Earth aerial imagery by changing the transparency of the Raster layer.

EarthNC Raster is also useful during offline use when the Google Earth image cache lacks detailed satellite imagery or in the areas where NOAA has not yet completed vector charting.

Given the size of the raster images, EarthNC Raster is offered by region on DVD. Our 1st region is the Southeast including charts from Corpus Christi, Texas to Virginia Beach, Virginia plus Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Additional regions for the Northeast, Great Lakes, West Coast, and Alaska will be released soon.

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