Introducing Conserve.IO

Understanding changes to animal and plant species and their environments is crucial to the long-term well-being of our planet. Minor changes in habitats, consumption, and industrial “pressure” can have profound impact on multi-billion dollar industries including food production, navigation and recreation -to name a few. The current methods for recording and publishing conservation data are antiquated, proprietary and expensive. Correspondingly, the data driving current conservation policies is sparse and the means to comply and enforce those policies prohibitively complex. All of this directly affects the viability of our food supply, the cost of moving goods, the impact of development and ultimately, our ability to live sustainably.

To address this challenge, the founders of EarthNC formed a new venture called Conserve.IO with the singular focus of bringing conservation technology into the 21st century. We are deploying a mix of mobile and web based technologies to simplify and scale the collection of conservation data and to make that data more actionable. By doing so, we will better understand changes to our environment, enact better policy, and facilitate acting on that policy – leading to more sustained and prosperous existence for all of us.

We invite you to visit Conserve.IO to learn more about this important project and we look forward to any feedback you might have.

Kind Regards,

The EarthNC Team