About Us

EarthNC, Inc. is a privately held, Florida based corporation made up of a team of engineers and outdoor enthusiasts (believe it or not, that mix does exist out in the wild). The team has particularly deep experience in spatial applications development and the integration of dynamic data sets (chart tiles and weather feeds for example) in mobile and applications.

Our Business

Our core business is providing engaging and useful mobile apps for the leisure boating community including general boaters, fresh water and deep-sea fishermen and sailing enthusiasts. In so doing, we have accrued a considerable amount of technology for digesting and displaying massive data sets (again, raster chart and weather tiles are a good example of this) on both web and mobile platforms and have had the opportunity to help a number of institutions leverage their geo-data by taking large geo-spatial data sets and turning them into elegant, interactive maps.

Our Partners

We’re proud to work with a wide range of partners for both maritime and environmental applications. We partner with government agencies for original navigational data sources (NOAA, Army Corp of Engineers), marina and boating service directories (MarinaLife, WaterwayGuide, CruisersNet, US Harbors) and a host of independent publishers who embed our Online Viewer in their online blogs and web-sites.  On the environment side we have deep partnerships with NOAA, the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, the International Federation of Animal Welfare (IFAW), the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and several others that are not public. We rely heavily on several technology partnerships including Google Inc. (we are an Enterprise Developer),  Apple, Inc. (for iOS development) and GaiaGPS for a significant portion of our mobile application development.

We Would Like to Hear from You!

We look forward to hearing from you – whether you’re a potential customer, the press, a potential business partner or just someone in the neighborhood who wants to check us out.

Kind Regards,

The EarthNC Team

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